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TECNOVER is a company specialized in the design, production and trading of machines and spray painting equipment.

Established in 1984, and with its founder partners having over 30 years of experience in this field, it makes a name for itself as one of the leaders on the market.

TECNOVER offers you a wide range of models suited for all your spraying requirements.

PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY, ECONOMY OF USE are the strong points that mark our production.

Our technical department carries out constant research to the improve and develop our equipment to guarantee the best solutions to your needs, offering advanced machines in line with the changes coming from the paint market.

Innovation of our projects combines with a high standard of utilized components.

The very accurate selection of semifinished product suppliers, severe controls of materials and minute inspections, assure you the highest product quality.

Our highly qualified technical staff provides you a precise after-sales serviceproposing long term maximum efficiency.

Great attention has been dedicated in choosing our retailers  so that they can recommend you the most suitable product for your specific use.

Our Team

Stefano Ricotti

Stefano Ricotti

Sales & Marketing


Massimo Ricotti

Massimo Ricotti

Technical Management


Lorenza Cera

Lorenza Cera




The brand Tecnover guarantees you the quality of a product made completely in Italy.
It is the result of a sophisticated production process that pays particular attention to the smallest details.
The use of the best materials, the application to the different processes with the latest technology, the accuracy in the production and rigorous testing are all critical steps in the realization of our equipment.


The ability to interpret the needs of our customers encourage us to always search for new solutions that permit high performance and ease of use.
The constant collaboration with our distribution network allows us to have continuous development of our products and improving of their components to ensure reliability and efficiency over time.


Our daily commitment is aimed not only to product quality and technological innovation but also to design research to offer products that combine visual attractiveness to the operational functionality in the best tradition of “Made in Italy”.

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